2 delicious vegetarian meals a day. We do our best to offer local farm fresh and or organic food whenever possible.  There is a chai (tea) and free trade coffee stall open at certain times and fresh fruit is always available.  We can’t cater to special needs in the food area. Children and adults with special needs get breakfast as well in the kids tent. The cooking is a karma yoga event in which people will have the opportunity to help cook and perhaps learn some new wonderful recipes! Traditionally we always have Saturday night as Indian food feast night! We have a fridge you can store small amounts of special food if you need to bring it. Our fridge space is limited.

Below we are cooking Potatoe Bonda balls for our annual Indian Feast.


 Menu for 2011

Friday Night Dinner 6pm

Gazpacho Soup from our organic garden

Sweet Potato Black Bean Burritos

Kale (steamed) from the organic Garden

Cilantro Pesto/Mango Peach Chutney

Yogurt organic

Sunflower seeds raw or roasted

Fresh Green Salad from the Garden

Sat. Lunch 11:30am

Zucchini Bread with nuts/without nuts

Fresh Green Salad from the Garden

Carribean Stew

Jerk Tofu (organic)

Org. Quinoa with fresh Parmesan cheese or feta cheese

Yogurt organic

Bread and butter

Sat. Dinner – 6pm Indian Dinner

Masala potato

Yellow moong dahl

Swiss chard curry

peas paneer

Cucumber raita

Tomato chutney/ Madras pickled eggplant- maybe pakoras

Sun Lunch 11:30am


Pita bread



Tahini sauce


Black olives/sliced cucumbers/sliced tomatoes/lettuce

Sun Dinner 6pm Caroline Duponts’ menu for this meal will be posted here soon.

Environmental Option
Help us save trees!
Please bring your own mug for tea with your name on it. Or go one step further and bring your own plate, cutlery, mug, bowl etc. Otherwise, we will be doing paper…. There will be a washing station for you to wash your own dishes.

Karma Yoga Opportunities
You can enjoy the opportunity for karma yoga in which ever manner suits you by signing up for areas where you’d like to assist when you first arrive at the retreat. Examples; Setting up and taking down the retreat, tea stall, wash station, garbage, meal cooking/prep and clean up, children’s area, tidying up tent, storehouse, registration etc.

“Volunteering moves us beyond the position of simply being a consumer of spirituality; we also become its servant. When you start to actually serve the thing that you’re taking in, it completes a circle. It’s a much fuller, more complete experience. It’s really healthy to be giving back.”
– Adyashanti

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