T-shirts organic cotton and bamboo

YES we have more wonderful  t-shirts this year   This year we’ve gone all out with organic 100% cotton and bamboo shirts made by the charitable company called Me to We.
Me to We is a  is a new social enterprise that is committed to providing ethically manufactured, quality apparel for the socially-conscious consumer. Our product line is domestically produced, sweatshop-free and made using certified organic cotton and bamboo.

They are a company that gives 50% of all its profits to Free the Children and they do  not use sweatshops to produce their t-shirts.  As a result of buying our t-shirts through this company our shirts are costing us 4 times the price as we used to pay when unknowingly to us, they were being made in ‘sweatshops’ by poorly paid immigrants.

We’ve have men’s and woman’s t-shirts kids t-shirts this year.

Our shirts have the beautiful yogastock logo on them.

yogastock tshirt picpng

100% cotton  $25 each

 Men’s white 100 cotton with aqua logo/ electric blue with aqua logo

Women’s purple 100% cotton with white logo / orange with white logo

Sizes  XS S M L XL

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