Schedule Yogastock Retreat

YOGASTOCK is CANCELLED THIS YEAR! DUe to low pre-registration. 37 years was a great run.  Stay tuned for new events in the future.  



4pm registration

6:00pm dinner

7:30 – 9:15pm Evening program: Gayatri mantra x 11, Welcome, orientation, Pipe Ceremony, closing Kirtan.

10pm lights out

Saturday August

6:30am Wake-Up with Pad Kirtan (chanting outside your tent or cabin) with Josh

7:00 –  9:00am Upasana Sadhana with AD and Lakshmi – teens welcome to attend, must be able to sit for the 2 hours.

9:15 – 10:30am Forgiveness Asanas with Josh and Lakshmi

11:00 -1:00 Lunch /free time & Store House Open

1:00 – 3:00 Workshop to be announced

3:30– 4:30  Amanda’s Family Yoga Class

4:30 – 6:00 Volleyball / swimming and free time

6:00 – 7:30 Dinner ‘Indian Feast’

7:30 – 9:30 Evening Program: Gayatri mantra x 11, Aarti  &  38 years of Yoga retreats  Presentation, Bhakti Yoga Night: A Devotional Night of Chanting & Readings

10pm lights out

Sunday August

6:30am Wake-Up with Pad Kirtan (chanting outside your tent or cabin) with Josh & Oliver

7:00am – 9:00am Upasana sadhana with AD and Lakshmi

9:15am- 10:30am Forgiveness Asanas

11:00am lunch

1:00-2:00pm Yoga Dance with Karusia – kids and teens welcome

2:30-3:15pm Closing Pipe Ceremony with Brent

 Free time to take tents down and pack up.

4:45pm Mini Music Festival hosted by Mahendra with retreat participants: featuring Brent Titcomb, Mahendra, Amanda McFadyn, Josh McKay and more….

6pm Dinner

Retreat Cleanup; We will be needing alot of help, so please feel free to lend a hand in clean up and take down after the retreat.

If you would like to stay over night on Sunday and help clean up on Monday morning, you are welcome to stay for free.

Evening Silent Period
Flower 10pm is the curfew for talking in tents and cabins. Because tents and cabins have thin walls we’re asking everyone to please respect other people’s attempts at getting to sleep early so they can get up at 6am with a smile on their face. If you want to socialize later than 10pm there will be a designated area away from sleeping people.

“The path of Karma Yoga or selfless service develops equanimity of the mind. It always purifies the mind by weakening selfish desires, attachment and ego. So a Karma Yogi’s effort will never be a waste of time and energy. By its regular practice, one can attain liberation.”

-Baba Hari Dass

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