Register today! We are using a secure company called Karelo that is only for non-profit groups in Canada!   Click link.

As Yogastock is presented by the AYF a registered non-profit organization, we are offering the following donation suggestions.

Adult: 18 yrs & up $260 after Aug. 16th $285
Teens/students (full time) $155 after Aug. 16th $170
Children 12 & under $80 after Aug. 16th $95

*Volunteer hours for high school students are possible.  They can help in many different areas.  Please email Lakshmi at  Volunteers, still need to pay for the retreat.

Donations include 2 nights of tenting space, all classes, events, childcare and meals. Commuter price is same as tenting tuition price. We do not supply bedding, please bring your own bedding supplies (sleeping bag, blanket, pillow etc.). You may purchase necessities at the storehouse this year, including flashlights and ponchos etc.

Bring a new friend and get $10 discount off the your fee.

One full day – 2 meals & classes & fun

Adults $130 Teens/students $90 Children 12- 4 $45

Evening Programs (6pm and on)
$30 (w/o dinner)
$45 with dinner

$15 (w/o dinner)
$30 (with dinner)

Cabin Accommodations are an extra fee.  They are in the apple orchard are limited and on a first come first serve basis. Please register early if you would like to be in a cabin. For only $25 a night you can have a clean and dry bed in one of our cabins!

Woman/men/family cabins available.

Single (private) cabin is $100 night.
Double cabin is $50 per person a night.
Quad cabin is $25 per person a night.

For questions/info re registration : contact

Register today! We are using a secure company called Karelo that is only for non-profit in Canada!

click above link to register

Children up to age 12 can be in the kids’ camp, if they choose to not be in the camp they must have parental supervision 100% of the time.  Children 2 and under free but must have 100% parental supervision.
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