For literally years, we have done fire yagnas, mantra yagnas, arati at our retreats.  This year we will share arati on Sat. night at the beginning of the evening program.  Come and burn up your (samskaras- habits) through the tantric/bhakti form of arati.   Purify, release and surrender through ritual.

Arati a ceremony of lights is performed, and a small feast of kheer(Indian rice pudding) and other treats, is enjoyed by all.

Here is a picture of a little arati we did a few years ago.

Mantra Yagna Mound. This is a picture of the yantra for a Kali yagna we’ve done for many years.


Preparations for a fire yagna Kheer and chanting at end of the yagna


The fire symbolically burns up all our offerings of negative energies thus contributing to inner peace within and in the world.



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