Travelling Satsang

Calm the mind and open the mind with the ancient tradition of chanting.


The Ashtanga Yoga Fellowship has been leading satsangs since 1975. For the past few years we have taken on a new format that has been very successful. We have now become the “Travelling Satsang” and are traveling around to various yoga studios and spaces where people would like us to come and share the good vibes and sacred space. Satsang is a word meaning gathering of like-minded people or association of truth seekers. Our satsang format is organic and changes depending on Harmoniumwho is present. Generally we chant ancient ‘kirtan’ – chants/mantras with harmonium, guitars and drum accompaniment, and inspirational readings, and a short meditation. The Travelling Satsang leads in the traditional format as done in India. You do not need to be a singer to enjoy the power of chanting.

At Yogastock we are blessed with many kirtan periods and a special Saturday night “Bhakti Yoga Night” with the Travelling Satsang hosting the evening. The evening is filled with many ancient sanskrit chants and some English songs and inspirational readings from the great yoga masters alive and passed on.

For a more in-depth description about kirtan click here and see a page from Lakshmi’s yoga website.

If you would like to host a travelling satsang email us at or call 905-505-1324 to arrange.

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